Thursday, August 28, 2014


Here is another poetic flight of fancy by guest author Marge Biermann.  While bats and owls would never coexist side by side in the real world, Marge’s tale poses the question….what if?

Once in the still of a dark, cold night,
A single black bat took to his flight.
He was looking for a friend that would fly with him,
And maybe hang out on a Sycamore limb.
Flying solo was a lonely place to be….
What fun to have company, perhaps two or three.
Suddenly Bat saw a strange camouflaged kind of bird,
With the oddest call he had ever heard.

Oliver the Eastern Screech Owl (photo:  Gay Schroer)
Great large round eyes held him in his gaze.
Bat wondered if he worked nights and also slept days.
No harm in asking, though most birds didn’t like bats,
Being often associated with Black Halloween Cats.
But in no time at all these two were fast friends.
They would never, however, make attractive bookends….
One…coal black, small and quite fast,
While Owl was large and stoic in contrast.

Scar, an African Fruit Bat (photo: Gay Schroer)
Both had radar to fly easily in the dark,
But in a tree they had different methods on how to park!
One sitting upright to take in the panoramic view,
While Bat hung by his feet….all the better to look at you!
Talks were filled with Owl wisdom and Bat’s latest escapade,
So between these two a permanent bond was being made.
God created many animals….feathered and furred,
Different voices across the world to be heard.

He also made man the very same way….
All can’t understand what the other has to say.
Maybe we should take a lesson from our little bird friend.
How do Owl and Bat find that comfortable blend?
Understanding of equality comes to mind.
Sometimes of this fact man seems somewhat blind.
Often it helps thinking with one’s heart in gear….
Helps us to see the road ahead quite clear.

Tucking a small bit of love in our every act...,
Will help us make kindness a daily fact.
We can then enjoy what Bat and Owl know….
We are all brothers, why not let it show?           

To see both owls and bats (just not side by side) come out and visit the World Bird Sanctuary.  For more information about our hours and location Click Here.

Submitted by Guest Author, Marge Biermann

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