Saturday, August 2, 2014

WBS Consulting Services

World Bird Sanctuary has been a consultant on Industrial Properties since the 1990’s.

Our goal is to coach companies on actions they can take to prevent bird deaths, during the company’s normal operation. We do this in a variety of ways.
Roger Holloway, WBS Facilities Management Director, taking part in a field census

First we census the property to find which species regularly use the property.  Then we perform a bird census seasonally or quarterly.  We also look for Endangered Species.

We want to help the companies tailor their operation so as to have as little impact on bird populations as possible.  In order to do this we use a variety of methods to prevent bird deaths, and also instruct them on placing nest boxes to enhance nesting habitat.

Our Field Teams are OSHA and MSHA trained, and we maintain our training with annual refresher courses.

We maintain confidentiality with our clients.

Our goal is to prevent Bird Deaths.

Let us help your operation be safer for birds.  For more information contact us at 636-225-4390 ext 104 and ask for Jeff Meshach, World Bird Sanctuary Director.

Submitted by Michael Zeloski, World Bird Sanctuary Director of Education & Field Team Member


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