Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Following is an email from the World Bird Sanctuary’s Volunteer Coordinator, Melissa Moore.

“It is with a sad heart that I need to tell you of the passing of one of our educational birds.  Early this morning, 8/1,  Millennium, the Peregrine Falcon, left this world.  Some of you may be aware that she had been ill for the past week or so, and had been receiving treatment from our excellent vets and medical staff.  However, they were unable to see her through this illness; we are awaiting results of tests to find out more about the cause, as previous tests were inconclusive.” 

“I only knew Millennium a brief time, but I know that she was much loved by many people.  As an ambassador bird, she represented her species and the World Bird Sanctuary at many events including parades and programs too numerous to mention.  As a Peregrine, she represented the success of the Endangered Species Program and the drawing together of people to fight environmental contaminants.  To those of us who knew her personally, she represented a gentle and beautiful member of our bird team.  We will be sad without her, but will continue our work for birds and the environment with her memory close by.”

Hatched in the spring of 2008, Millenium was a beautiful young Peregrine Falcon who was with us because it was discovered by her falconer/breeder that she was partially blind at hatch.  Rather than having her euthanized because she could not hunt they contacted the World Bird Sanctuary to see if we could use her as an education bird. 

Millenium quickly settled into life at the World Bird Sanctuary’s Office of Wildlife Learning and became a favorite of everyone who met her.  Over the course of her life she educated thousands of audience members about the plight and remarkable comeback of her species.

She will be sorely missed by all.


Anonymous said...

So sorry for your loss.

Lemayrenee said...

You now fly with your make little one. You will ne missed and never forgotten.