Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Homing Pigeons Are Dedicated Parents

Homing Pigeons can lay eggs any month of the year.  January and February can seem quite cold, but we here at the World Bird Sanctuary have had our Homing Pigeons laying eggs even in the traditionally coldest months in Missouri.

One of the birds from our Homing Pigeon flock (photo: Mike Zieloski)

We have even had one hatch in January.  Can you imagine the dedication the parent birds must have to hatch an egg when some nights are below freezing?  And I did mention birds (plural), because both the male and the female incubate the eggs.   My Pigeon mentor, Charlie Klipsch, told me that both parents take turns at incubating and brooding (keeping the chicks warm).

I’ve also noticed that at certain times almost all the hens (females) were taking their turns at incubating at almost the same time.  And other times when you go into the pigeon Loft, all the cocks (males) would be on the eggs.

The eggs aren't much bigger than a quarter (photo: Mike Zieloski)

The eggs take 17 days to hatch.  The females lay 2 white eggs, slightly bigger than a quarter.  The babies grow so fast that they seem to double in size each of the first 5 days.  Once the babies are 27 days old, they look like the parents, with fully feathered bodies.

Our Homing Pigeons are available to come to your event.  The last event the birds participated in was a person’s Surprise 50th Birthday Party.  Everyone enjoyed learning about Homing Pigeons and watching the birds take off into the sky.

You may call 636-225-4390 x101 if you would like to schedule the birds for your next event.

Story by Michael Zeloski, Director of Education, World Bird Sanctuary.

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