Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Our Chrys

Here’s another poem by World Bird Sanctuary friend and guest author Marge Biermann about Chrys, the Long Crested Eagle. Chrys was taken from his African homeland by black market smugglers, and Marge’s poem is about his traumatic journey to the United States.
Chrys, the Long-crested Eagle (photo: Gay Schroer)


Greed is often an element for sadness in life.
It has certainly caused our little Chrys a lot of strife.
Taken from his African home, the wild place of his birth,
His trip covered many frightening miles on this earth.

He was a helpless victim of the black market trade.
In this whole world who could come to his aid….
Handle him with care and true understanding,
Because this life change was so cruel and demanding.

His beautiful crest cut off to give some disguise,
Why pick on this innocent creature so small in size?
He offered no threat but was a beauty to see,
And asked only that in this life he could fly free.

But good for our Chrys….he has found the help he needs,
From folks dedicated to birds of all breeds.
A sanctuary of rest and care….A new home.
He’s no longer alone to wander aimlessly and roam.

With nurturing and love from others,
Chrys has found a way to help all of his lost brothers.
He’s now a messenger of hope to birds in distress.
In this great place he found rest and time to convalesce.

It’s the St. Louis World Sanctuary for Birds,
A blessing to winged creatures that surpasses all words.

Since Chrys was captured as an adult, his age is uncertain.  He arrived at the World Bird Sanctuary in 1987, so we know that he is over 28 years old.   Even though he is somewhat shy, Chrys has adapted well to life at WBS and over the years has helped to educate thousands about the evils of the black market trade. 

Most days you can find Chrys sitting on his perch in the weathering area behind the World Environmental Education Center sunning himself, bathing or just people watching.

Chrys is available for adoption through our Adopt A Bird program. Your adoption donation will help to feed, house and care for Chrys during the coming year.   To adopt Chrys online Click Here, or call 636-861-3225 and ask for Marion.

Submitted by Marge Biermann, World Bird Sanctuary Guest Author

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