Friday, October 10, 2008

Beak of the Week!

Lindsay from Indiana, you guessed last week's beak correctly. Congratulations!! That little cutie is Nemo the African Grey.

This week we have a beak that specializes in using tools, by breaking ostrich eggs with a small rock. This bird, once known as "Pharoh's Chicken," was the symbol of the ancient Egyptian goddess, Nekhbet.

These eyes light up when they see rabbit!

Unlike most raptors, this bird doesn't use its talons to carry nesting material, preferring to use its beak instead.

Good luck solving the riddle of this week's mystery beak!


Kelsey said...

Egyptian Vulture! But I'm a little cheater, because I worked with Miss Osiris this summer. :) She's such a good bird! Oh, and by the way - I love your blogs. I check them almost every day!

Anonymous said...

I would have guessed a vulture, but i have no idea what kind. I love the look of the bird!!!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I love your blog too!! I check every day and i love all the videos, photos and cute headlines!

Thanks for keeping this blog going!!