Friday, October 17, 2008

Beak of the Week!

Hey Kelsey, way to go! I'm glad you pitched in this week because the Egyptian vulture is a tough bird to identify. And congrats for getting to spend the summer with Osiris. She's awesome.

This week's beak may be difficult at first, but once you've seen one, you never forget it:

The feet and facial color of this bird can vary from a pale color to brilliant red, depending on the mood of the bird:

These eyes belong to a bird that got its name from its amazing aerial displays:

Still haven't guessed? Hint: the native name of this bird is Chapungu.

Good luck and happy guessing!


Anonymous said...

Ohhh -- I know this one -- this is the Bateleur eagle. I have only had the honor of seeing one once, at the World Bird of Prey center in Boise, and he was amazing!

Victoria in Colorado

Anonymous said...

shadow is so very handsome!

Anonymous said...

wow I would never have known that one!! It looks like a beautiful bird from the small photos :-)