Thursday, October 30, 2008

Frighteningly adorable

Yes, you guessed it...Niles! If I could go as anybody for Halloween, it would be Niles. He even wears Halloweeny colors.


Anonymous said...

i currently work with birds and am trying to come up with new enrichemnt ideas for our 5 year old female northern ground hornbill. we hide her food in tubs and boxes and in her stumps, aswell as mealworms, but want to try something new for her during the day. any help would be great

Photog said...

Jeff Meshach, the Director of World Bird Sanctuary, replied, "I have a friend that runs the bird show at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, and she thought up hanging the brush end of a push broom in her Red-legged Seriema cage. Before she hung it she let meal worms crawl into all the bristles. The Seriema spends hours picking at the moving brush head. I think this would work for any of the Horn Bill species I know (Southern Ground and Trumpeter).