Sunday, June 29, 2008

Education Spotlight: All About Owls

Among the many wonderful education programs offered by the World Bird Sanctuary, our owl programs are a popular choice. Our education programs offer a rare opportunity to meet birds up close and in person while learning about their biology, habits, and conservation.

Over 200 different species of owls share our earth. Meet several of these different types while learning the importance of their existence. "All About Owls" gives you insight into those mysterious birds of the night. Combine with an "Owl Pellet Study" for a truly educational and entertaining experience. "All About Owls" and a companion program, "Owl Laboratory," are appropriate for children (3rd grade and higher) and adults. To schedule a program for your group or classroom, please call our Office of Wildlife Learning at 636-225-4390.

These photos were taken by Gay Schroer at the beautiful butterfly house in Chesterfield, Missouri. To learn more about the butterfly house, visit

Campers meet Trevor, our Eurasian Eagle Owl, and help demonstrate how humans can move their eyes, while owls must move their entire head to spot prey or a threat.

Learning why owls can turn their heads 270 degrees, while we humans cannot.

Campers meet Shakespeare, our Barred Owl, and learn to recognize the "hoot" of the Barred Owl, one of Missouri's most common owls

Campers meet Twig, our Eastern Screech Owl, and learn why he wouldn't make a good pet even though he's VERY cute.

Children meet Goblin, our Common Barn Owl. Don't let the name fool you--Barn Owls in Missouri are seldom seen and very threatened. The children learn all about what is threatening this beautiful species.

The children get to examine an owl wing up close and personal

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