Friday, June 27, 2008

Hello Lenore!

As I reported a couple of days ago, we've had a changing of the guard (or in this case, the ravens) at the Education Training Center. Mischief and her sister Lenore, our white naped ravens have traded places. Mischief can now be seen at our Visitor Center at WBS's public site, or taking your money for our donation box at one of our programs. Lenore is relaxing out of the spotlight, and I am happy to see her. Lenore is sometimes referred to as "the cuddliest raven," and she really appreciates scratches and attention from the people she likes. Corvids are particular about the company they keep, and there is nothing better than being approved of by a raven or crow.

Here's Miss Lenore demonstrating her favorite vocalization:

Lenore can say hello, but for the most part she's above using human language, and certainly not inclined to use it on cue!

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