Monday, June 30, 2008

Education Spotlight: Owl Laboratory

Owls have a unique digestive system. What they can't digest, they cough back up! In the WBS "Owl Laboratory" program, you have a visit from a live owl to learn about them and why owl pellets form and how they can help biologists. Then you dissect a real owl pellet with the help of a WBS Naturalist. To schedule a program for your group or classroom, please call our Office of Wildlife Learning at 636-225-4390.

These fabulous pictures were taken by Gay Schroer at the beautiful butterfly house in Chesterfield, Missouri. To learn more about the butterfly house, visit

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Gay S. said...

I never tire of photographing this activity. I love watching the participants go from a reaction of "Eww, owl barf!" to "WOW, look I found a skull!!". This goes for young ones, such as those pictured, all the way up to the adults.