Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hungry owlets

As promised, here is a video of our delightful new Eurasian eagle owl chicks having their breakfast. This video was taken on June 20th. They are two weeks old. At this stage, the chicks are taking large pieces of meat and some with fur in order to give them casting material.


klezma said...

I love when he goes all Stevie Wonder on you!

Anonymous said...

Will these babies be released into the wild?

World Bird Sanctuary said...

Aw, little Stevie Wonder! He is too cute.

anon- these birds are raised for education and breeding programs. Most of our native species are bred for release, but non-natives are not. If you visit a zoo or see an education program with an Eurasian eagle owl here in the states, he or she might be one of our birds!