Sunday, June 22, 2008

Little rescued vulture is thriving

The turkey vulture chick we rescued in early June (see June 10th post) is growing up. She's been isolated from humans as much as possible and fed using a ghost (a long fabric sheet draped over the body) and a vulture puppet to simulate mom. You will notice in the videos that we are silent, still, and as inconspicuous as we can be.

She (or he, but she's Gladys to me) is wonderfully healthy and has a big bird appetite. We hope to release this chick back into the wild and so far she is right on track.

This video shows the chick being weighed and having her brooder towels changed.

This one shows the actual feeding. Thanks Jen for the puppet show!

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Anonymous said...

This is fascinating to watch -- thank you as always for posting these wonderful videos. Victoria