Saturday, August 30, 2008

Adopt a Bird Spotlight: Lenore (African White Naped Raven)

Lenore's Story

Species: African white naped raven
Hatched: April 2001

Lenore was hatched at the World Bird Sanctuary's breeding facility in Valley Park and carefully raised by our staff and trainers so that she would be comfortable around people. We had big plans for her future!

Because of all the loving attention she has received, coupled with the native intelligence possessed by her species Lenore has learned some very difficult and unusual behaviors. During our programs, she flies out into the audience to collect an aluminum can held by an audience member in order to demonstrate the importance of recycling. After all, if a raven can recycle, why can't humans?

Lenore also collects dollar bills from audience members and deposits them in a donation box at the end of each show. She is currently in training to demonstrate to audiences the meaning of the term "omnivore" by collecting plastic carrots, steaks, and bugs from audience members.

Lenore's trainers say that she is "the cutest raven ever." Like all ravens, she is extrememly curious. This sometimes gets her into trouble, as ravens like to destroy anything they can get in their beaks. She loves baths, grapes and apples but, like many children, is not too fond of squash, cucumbers, and zucchini.

To adopt Lenore, simply click our donation button, make a donation of $100, and specify in your payment notes: Adopt-a-bird: LENORE. Also include your name, phone number, and mailing address so that we can send you your adoption materials!

Every donation helps to feed, house, and provide medical care for the bird of your choice! Adopt-A-Bird Parents Receive:

  • *A personal visit with the bird you adopt!!!!! Call 636-861-3225 to set up a time for
  • your personal visit.
  • * Certificate of Adoption
  • * Color photo of the bird you've adopted
  • * Sponsorship Card
  • * One year's subscription to Mews News (our quarterly newsletter)
  • * Life History and Natural History of the bird
  • * 10% Discount off WBS merchandise
  • * Invitation to Sponsors-only events like Camera Day
  • * Discounts on WBS Special Events
  • * WBS Decal

Natural History

white naped raven
Corvus albicollis

Description: head and neck bronzy-brown so dark as to appear black, with a broad white collar at the base of the hing-nect; legs and bill are heavy; beak is black with a white tip; eyes are dark brown

Sex: males slightly larger than females


Length: 20 - 25 in.

Wingspan: 2-1/2 – 3 ft.

Weight: 1-1/2 – 2-1/2 lbs.

Habitat: cliffs and rocky escarpments, coastal hills, open country, including open mountain forest; found chiefly between 1000m and 3000m

Status: generally uncommon, or locally common; large numbers assemble at carcasses, which indicates a healthy population

Range: Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya, south to Cape Province

Behavior: breeding season September & October to December; usually found in pairs, which remain on established territories year round; solitary nester; nest composed of twigs and branches in an inaccessible tree, or more often on a cliff ledge; 1-6 light green eggs, streaked and spotted olive, brown and gray are laid; incubation 19-21 days

Diet: omnivore; carrion, small vertebrates, large insects, fruits and grains

Vocalization: high-pitched “kroorh-kroorh” or “kraak-kraak-kraak”; many other vocalizations as well, including a deep, throaty, raspy croak

√ The Raven figures prominently in folklore and legends; Native American folklore holds that the raven created the world and its creatures

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