Friday, August 15, 2008

Beak of the Week!

Welcome back to our weekly mystery bird competition! Hannibal is once again our reigning champion, having correctly identified the sandhill crane. Hannibal, no doubt about it, you have some skills! Congratulations.

This week's bird, though not native to the U.S., has a cousin here that may be familiar to you. If you have doubts about the full name, you can definitely find images of this bird on the blog! Give it a shot:

The beak of this bird is normally used for good at the sanctuary. Activities such as education, recycling and taking donations, for example.

Unlike raptors, and with apologies to Nancy Sinatra, these feet were made for walking (ok, hopping and landing...either way, not attacking).

These eyes contain a special intelligence. I'm not convinced it is ALWAYS used for good. I've had my hairclip stolen too many times to fall for the innocent act:

Good luck and I'll be back next Friday to reveal the mystery bird and unveil a new beak of the week!

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Anonymous said...

Its Mischief the Raven!!