Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tufted Titmouse!

Here are some pictures from Gay Schroer of one of our favorite feeder birds, the tufted titmouse. Maybe you've seen these little birds in your yard or in the park? According to "All About Birds," the tufted titmouse's summer range spans southern Minnesota, northern Michigan, southern Ontario and southern Vermont, southward to northeastern Mexico and the Gulf Coast.

I like their hats!


Anonymous said...

One of my most,most,most favorite birds. I have them in the yard all year round. They love water and it is comical to see the babies explore the birds baths for the first time!

Lucille said...

Tufted titmouse.. they love people! My visitors wait up in the branches of a tree which overhangs my tiny 2nd floor deck and alight on its railing when they see me coming with their food!

This is a wonderful website. Delightful! My thanks to blogger SW Michigander for my finding you!