Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Introducing Stewart

Stewart the African spur-thighed tortoise is a recent addition to our nature center, having been donated to the World Bird Sanctuary. I haven't met him yet, but looking at Cathy's video, I definitely can't wait!

He's fast!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Stewart is absolutely adorable. He IS fast, wow. He is going to be a great addition to your WBS family. He is going to need a HUGE enclosure for how much he moves around.

How did he get donated? From a private party?

DanielC15 said...

He is cute. He's also one of the most mobile tortoises I've ever seen. Stewart was somebody's escaped pet, and we found him.

HANNIBAL said...

Wow, he is FAST! Those spurs are so cool!!!!

World Bird Sanctuary said...

Well as it turns out, we have found a place for Stewart equipped and able to care for large reptiles. I'll be posting an update on Sunday, but thought you'd like to know! He's a cool dude and I'm glad he's found a good place....with plenty of room for running.