Monday, August 4, 2008

Meet Mariah!

As the face of WBS's online presence, I probably should have introduced you to Mariah a long time ago! Mariah is a female golden eagle. She hatched in 1972 and belonged to a falconer until March of 1987, when she was received by the sanctuary. Mariah's handlers tell us that she is a strong, powerful bird who is the boss at home, but sweet everywhere else. She is certainly one of the most beloved birds at the World Bird Sanctuary.

Golden eagles, also known as the King’s Messenger, Ring-tailed eagle or Mountain eagle, are found throughout the northern hemisphere. They stand 30-40 inches tall, with a wingspan about 7 feet wide. Golden eagles are one of only a few known predators of skunks. They will also prey upon other raptors and even coyotes.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous picture of a beautiful bird! The lighting is superb. As I write this the scream of a Red-tailed Hawk comes through the open screen door.

DanielC15 said...

She is one of the most amazing Golden Eagles I've seen.

World Bird Sanctuary said...

I'm glad you like her! I'm pretty sure the photo was taken by Gay Schroer, who takes most of the pics on our blog. She's very talented!

I wish I had a red tailed hawk in my yard...get rid of some of these pigeons. :-)

No offense to pigeon lovers.

Anonymous said...

The photo of your Golden Eagle is amazing. She is beautiful.

SW Michigander said...

Mariah is just gorgeous! I love your website and what your organization is doing to promote conservation awareness. I have a backyard nature blog and would love to link to your site. You can find it at:

Keep up the great work!