Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What do visitors see?

Thanks to Cathy's videos, you can get a preview of some of what our visitors see when they come to the World Bird Sanctuary. Last week you saw our kookaburra on the exhibit line. Today's video is the weathering yard, where many of our education birds chill out between programs. The birds on display at the weathering yard change as some birds go out to educate the humans, so each time you visit, you might see a different bird.

And who is that beautiful bird at the end of the video with the glossy black feathers and a whole bunch of toys? Hmm....

Yes, it's Mischief the white-naped raven!


Anonymous said...

wow I love all they all just sit there, calm and very well behaved. Are they tied to their branches or are they just that well trained?

It seems like they all get along pretty well too.

I wish my bird was that trained, she would be running around the ground causing a raucous!!!

World Bird Sanctuary said...

For their own safety, they are tethered to perches. Birds of prey spend the majority of their day perching. Our education birds get their daily exercise performing in programs.

Now a parrot is a different character all together. In my experience, they are only still when they are sleeping!

Anonymous said...

Oh ok, interesting. Yes parrots have a different personality and they love to move around. My lovebird is running, flying and moving all over the house and he cage.

She does something really funny: She will run as fast as she can on our hardwood floors, pick her feet up and slide underneath our doors (there is a few inches where they dont touch the wood) and get to the other side. She looks kind of like a yellow egg gliding on the hardwoods. Its hilarious and she loves to do it!!

World Bird Sanctuary said...

You definitely need to get a video of that on youtube. It is something I want to see!

Lovebirds can be such little clowns.