Monday, August 18, 2008

Mischief the raven is a responsible bird

Mischief the white-naped raven is (after Niles) probably my favorite bird. I admire her intelligence, feisty attitude, and the way she lives up to her name. But Mischief's greatest skill, on display at many of our programs, is recycling. Here you see her at work at one of our free on-site weekend shows. She always wows the crowd!

First, Mischief is introduced to the audience and the relationship between ravens, crows, and jays is explained. Our naturalist also reveals that this particular corvid knows how to recycle.

Mischief demonstrates her recycling ability by taking an aluminum can from an audience member...

...and flying it to the nearest recycling bin, where she deposits it.


Susan Gets Native said...

Why haven't I seen your blog before tonight????
What a cool raven. And civic and ecologically minded!
I do education programs for our local raptor center, and I think I will return frequently to this site!

World Bird Sanctuary said...

Glad you found us!