Friday, August 1, 2008

Beak of the Week!

Well our inaugural beak of the week was terrific with many guesses for the correct answer: Golden Eagle. Hannibal, you were the first person to identify this bird. Congrats!

This week is a little tougher, so I'll start things off with a clue. This bird is not native to the United States. Make your best guess and I'll divulge this bird's secret identity next Friday.

Having trouble making a guess? Here are the feet:

Maybe the eye will help:


DanielC15 said...

Augur Buzzard maybe?

Anonymous said...

Juvenile Bald Eagle

DanielC15 said...

That's a very good guess, however, Bald Eagles are only found in North America. Since she said "not found in the United States", that rules it out as a possibility.